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Thrive, by its very definition, means “to grow or develop vigorously.” As springtime truly sets in, we are inspired by all the growth around us. 

Owning a business that thrives is the ultimate goal, right? We want to thrive when it comes to experiences, overcoming new challenges and gaining new customers. We work hard to do everything we can to make SoSis thrive. It doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, it takes Sundays spent at a coffee shop working on this very lookbook. Sometimes it takes missing out on weeknight fun to play catch up. Sometimes it takes taking risks in hopes of reaping a reward. Building something that thrives takes hard work.

We constantly try to grow with a purpose and find meaning in every decision we make for our business. Everything we do for SoSis is intentional and thought through in great detail. Take for example our blog — we know that when shopping online, it helps to see how clothes fit everyday women, like us. That’s why we take the extra time to get in front of the camera and (hopefully) inspire you to try something new — to grow with us!

In our new lookbook, we take inspiration from a thriving nursery setting. With flowers in bloom, this lookbook is full of new life and new arrivals! Take a peek at what’s thriving at SoSis in our new lookbook — THRIVE.


Shelby Dunbar | model
Olivia McGlynn | model
Taylor Hunter | photographer
Annie Claire L. Bass | stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship | editor