July 01, 2015

SoSis Lookbook: Daydream Believer 1

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Ever had a dream you just didn’t want to wake up from? Ever had one you wish you could forget? 

What about day dreams? You know the kind of day dreams that let you lose yourself in a big idea and think it though until it somehow makes sense, even if just to you. We've lost ourselves many times in day dreams about going into business together. Long talks over wine (and sometimes coffee) are what prompted us to ask when are we going to do something about this dream? The answer? Right now!

It’s obvious that our summer lookbook, Daydream Believer, is inspired by the oldie, but goodie “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees. This song reminds us of our parents’ house - a house that always has oldies playing on the radio. Really, it makes us think of the place where all of our day dreams started.

We hope you enjoy this day dream we are living in and working really, really hard at.

MacKenzie May | model
Caroline Smith | model
Lacey Rabalais | photography
Annie Claire L. Bass | stylist
Chelsey L. Blankenship | editor

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