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March 01, 2015

SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 1SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 2SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 3SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 4SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 5SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 6SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 5SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 6SoSis Lookbook: In Bloom 7


Growth is a beautiful thing. Seeing something you plant grow before your eyes fulfills something deep inside. This spring, many things (and people) just won’t stop growing. As Aubree turns three (going on 30) and Gracie continues to add to her vocabulary, Annie Claire often finds herself in disbelief and awe. How can two little seeds grow this quickly? How can she keep up?

The title of this lookbook, “In Bloom,” says in two words where we think SoSis is today. Our small boutique is blooming with new arrivals, new plans for 2015 and a fresh take on running a small, woman-owned business. We hope you feel a breathe of fresh air as you flip through the pages of our garden.

This spring, we fully intend to sit back and smell the roses, soak up the sun and love every. single. beautiful budding flower around me.

Parker Harrell | model
Taylor Haynie | model
Sarah Kernshaw | photography
Annie Claire L. Bass | stylist
Chelsey Laborde | editor

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